Friday, June 22, 2007

Redress tiger crises, group urges Indian leader

21 Jun, 2007 - 0336 hrs IST - TIMES NEWS NETWORK

PUNE: Kalpavriksh, along with a few other environmental groups, has urged the Prime Minister to take leadership in redressing the tiger crisis and facilitate a resolution on it at the next meeting of the National Development Council.

A memorandum in this regard was submitted on Wednesday. It has been signed by Ashish Kothari and Erica Taraporwala (both from Kalpavriksh), M.D. Madhusudan (Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore), and Ghazala Shahabuddin (Council for Social Development, Delhi).

While asking Manmohan Singh to officially accept that there is a crisis, the memorandum said this would help mobilise and motivate all rungs of the government as well as common citizens to take necessary action.

It also suggested that the tiger conservation scenario could be vastly improved if the Union ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) and state forest departments were to become more participatory and inclusive. "Over the last few years, the MoEF has become exclusionary, discouraging civil society participation in its processes. For the sake of tiger and other critical wildlife, this needs to be urgently reversed."

The group said rampant poaching has emerged as one of the biggest threats. "To combat this, the wildlife crime bureau must immediately become a strong and operational entity, staffed with trained personnel at all levels, including anti-poaching units at the ground level." _tiger_crises_group_urges_PM/articleshow/2137740.cms

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