Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bobcats seen in Nashville, Tenn., suburb

July 6, 2007 12:44 AM

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.- Some folks in one Davidson County neighborhood couldn't believe their eyes when they looked out into their backyard.

They got a glimpse of a wild animal they'd never seen before- a bobcat.

Tim Womack passed the time Thursday night throwing a Frisbee with his dog, Zoe.

He had no idea that around the corner, a bobcat has made itself at home.

Womack doesn't live out in a rural area. His neighborhood sits near several large subdivisions on the Davidson-Williamson County line.

"I have never seen one, so it's a little surprising," Womack said.

Melissa Caldwell felt the same way a few weeks ago.

"You're sort of shocked because I've never seen one before," Caldwell said.

But one Sunday night, around dinner time, she saw one.

"We looked outside the window, down the yard and we saw the bobcat just laying under the burning bush," Caldwell said.

She has the pictures to prove it. She has pictures of a bobcat lounging in their backyard.

"I mean, how many times are you going to see a bobcat, so we wanted to capture the picture," she said.

Caldwell went outside to get a better look at her visitor.

"I thought he's probably more afraid of me than I am of him," she said. "He did actually look at me and run off."

The bobcat joins little critters and deer that make regular appearances in the area.

"He's here, he's back in the woods," Caldwell said.

Some neighbors do worry about their newest resident, but Womack thinks his dog has nothing to fear.

"She can hold her own," Womack said before he started laughing.

The Caldwells have spotted that bobcat several times over the last few weeks. The most recent sighting happened on Sunday night.

There is plenty of green space between subdivisions in southern Davidson county and northern Williamson County. Residential and commercial development has forced animals into those areas.

None of the neighbors have reported any problems linked to that bobcat. Caldwell said she hasn't contacted Metro Animal Control about the animal.

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