Friday, July 27, 2007

India: Leopard trapped in net laid for wild boar

Udupi, Jul 26: A leopard was trapped in the net laid for wild boar when it came in search of food chasing a wild boar and pet dogs near Kokkarne of Brahmavar here on Tuesday July 24. The leopard spent almost 5-7 hours in the net before it was set free by forest department personnel.

The leopard came chasing a pet dog in the forest area belonged to Heggunje Prabhakar Shetty at Kudoor in Kelamangoor near Kokkarne, when it was entangled in the trap laid by some local hunters to trap wild boar, in the early hours. Fortunately the knot was fastened on to its hind portion. If it had it been fastened to the neck, it would not have survived.

The incident took place near one Ramappa Maistry's house. He after learning about it informed the forest department. Forest guard Parameshwar, Vasudev and others arrived from Brahmavar forest department with all the accessories to release the leopard safely.

It was a big task first of all to control the large number of crowd that had gathered and was trying to get a glimpse of the guest of the forest. But the forest department personnel safely released the leopard from the trap by using safety net. The operation was led by Shankaranarayan Range forester Sridhar, with the help of the locals. 3A+Leopard+Trapped+in+Net+Laid+for+Wild+Boar+near+Kokkarne

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