Sunday, July 01, 2007

Indian tiger reserves vow to strengthen protection

Statesman News Service

NEW DELHI, June 30: Conservation and protection measures will be strengthened in all the tiger reserves with a forthcoming meeting of the National Wildlife Board set to consider a resolution adopted by an all-India conclave of field directors of tiger reserves.

The field directors’ meeting that concluded in Ranthambore yesterday, resolved that all states would follow Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal in compensation procedures of man-animal conflict and undertake special recruitment drives to fill up vacant posts in tiger reserve areas.

The two-day deliberations under the National Tiger Conservation Authority also agreed to consolidate and strengthen the tiger resource population in the reserves and protected areas.

The concerned state governments would immediately take up special recruitment drives for filling up of all front line vacant posts. Wherever there was a major gap between sanctioned posts and actual requirements of posts , like the Namdapha tiger reserve, the sanctioned strength would be increased accordingly without loss of time.

Eco-tourism with involvement of local people would be given priority. With tourists generating considerable revenue, a few states plough back these receipts for the benefit of local communities and eco-tourism. However, in most of the states these funds are not available for protected areas. It has been suggested that a portion of tourist-generated funds may also be used for providing ecologically sustainable livelihood options to local people to reduce their dependency on the protected area resources. The recent amendments to the Wildlife (Protection) Act in 2006 has made enabling provision for creating a ‘Tiger Conservation Foundation’ in tiger reserves, which would facilitate the process. clid=2&theme=&usrsess=1&id=161230

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