Monday, July 30, 2007

Montana: Mountain lion hunting licenses on sale now

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mountain lion hunting licenses for Montana's 2007 season are available at all Fish, Wildlife & Parks license providers, online at FWP's website, or through the mail.

To hunt mountain lions in Montana, prospective hunters must either purchase a license or apply for a special permit, they cannot do both.

A mountain lion license is not needed to apply for a mountain lion permit. A valid conservation license, however, is needed. Hunters who purchase a mountain lion license cannot apply for a permit.

Hunters are urged to check the mountain lion hunting regulations available at FWP license providers and online at, click 2007 Hunting Regulations.

For the upcoming mountain lion season:

* a permit system for residents and nonresidents in several hunting districts in northwestern Montana's Region 1 remains in effect to help manage competition among lion hunters and prevent accidental over harvest.

* a nonresident permit system remains in effect in southwestern Montana's Region 2 where 10 percent of the overall harvest quota will be allocated to nonresidents. The only exception is Hunting District 292 (Garnet Lion Study area) where a permit is required for residents.

if successful in drawing a special permit, the permit holder will be required to purchase a mountain lion license and can hunt only in the area for which the permit is valid

* a hunting-license validation requirement at the time of purchase remains in effect for either the fall season without dogs or winter quota-based mountain lion hunting season.

* houndsmen can participate in the hound-training (chase) season with appropriate licenses. To participate, residents will need a $5 hound-training license or mountain lion license, while nonresidents will need a mountain lion license.

Hunters have until Aug. 31 to either apply for one of the special permit districts or purchase and validate their license for either the fall or winter season.

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