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Tiger released after treatment

Tiger released after treatment

5 Sep 2008, 0436 hrs IST,TNN

KOLKATA: The tiger that had struck terror at Annpur village in Gosaba last week was finally released at Chamta more than 60 km away. After spending two days in captivity at the Sudhanyakhali forest where it was treated for a minor injury, the four-year-old animal was taken in a boat deep inside the core area and released early on Thursday morning. Forest officials said the big cat was fully fit.

A minor injury on the left foot had prevented officials from releasing the tiger on Wednesday. It was trapped with a bait late on Monday night. An examination revealed that the tiger had a wound on the leg. It was given glucose and antibiotics that worked wonders, according to doctors who treated the animal.

"We could have released it earlier but waited for a day to allow the injury to heal a little more. It is not a serious one and will not prevent the tiger from hunting in the wild. The antibiotics have proved to be very effective," said Neeraj Singhal, director, Sunderban Tiger Reserve (STR). Forest officials got the tiger examined by another doctor on Wednesday.

The young male had strayed into Annpur village last Thursday and Friday. It killed a cow and four goats leading to a terror in the village. Three trap cages were placed at the Datta forest across river Gomor from where it had swam into the village.

Forest officials had to wait for almost three days before the tiger finally walked into the trap on Monday evening.

"Initially, we had decided to tranquilize the tiger. But later we found that it was not necessary. The animal was placed inside a squeeze cage and administered medicines and injections. It is absolutely fine now," added Singhal.

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