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Second mountain lion cub captured in S. Calif.

Second mountain lion cub captured in Yucaipa

10:00 PM PST on Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

Wildlife officials captured a second mountain lion cub in Yucaipa on
Saturday night and now are seeking new homes for the likely siblings.

The cub was found shortly before midnight Saturday in the 11000 block
of Warm Springs Way, Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist
Kevin Brennan said Sunday.

Fish and Game officials received a call from the San Bernardino
County Sheriff's Department about the cub about 10 p.m., he said.

The first cub was captured around 2:30 p.m. after residents spotted
it near Fawn Ridge Place and Oak Glen Road

The two cubs, which weigh less than 30 pounds, are likely siblings
and will not be released back into the wild, in part because there
has been no sign of the mother, Brennan said.

"The cubs are too young to be wandering around," Brennan said.

"They would never make it on their own," he said.

It's common for residents in foothill communities such as Yucaipa to
spot mountain lions, Brennan said. But it's not as common for cubs to
be spotted by themselves because they are less mobile, he said.

Brennan said he suspects something happened to the mother. The mother
could have been hit by a car, although wildlife officials probably
would have received a report about it.

Another possible scenario is a male mountain lion could have killed
the mother, he said. Male mountain lions are known to be territorial.

Now, wildlife officials are putting out calls in the hopes of finding
new homes for the mountain lions. The first captured cub is with a
wildlife rescue group in Yucaipa, and Brennan said he is taking care
of the second.

On Saturday, wildlife officials said the presence of the cub was a
concern but that there is not a threat to public safety because it
was captured.

But officials warned residents not to approach mountain lion cubs.

The sightings Saturday were the second and third in three days in the
Inland region.

On Thursday, joggers spotted a mountain lion in the Box Springs
Mountain Nature Reserve near Moreno Valley, about 20 miles from the
Yucaipa location.

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