Thursday, February 19, 2009

Russia: Pregnant Amur leopard killed, possibly by poachers

Pregnant Leopardess was Killed in Primorskiy Krai

05:41, 18.02.2009 | Приморский край

VLADIVOSTOK. February 18. VOSTOK-MEDIA – Pregnant leopardess was killed in Nadezhdinskiy region of Primorskiy Krai. It is the opinion of the WWF member Sergey Aramilev who took part in the expertise of Far Eastern leopard that had been found in Nadezhdinskiy region of Primorskiy Krai on 15 February.

The died leopard was found by local residents 8 km from Razdol’noe village. Today the expertise was conducted in the institute of animal breeding of agricultural academy of Primorskiy Krai.

It is a serious blow to the population of Far Eastern leopard that account for around 40 beasts.

The formal examination at the present time cannot give unambiguous answer as to the reason of death of the animal – the state of its body does not allow make any conclusions without further examination.

But taking into account indirect indicators and knowledge of beasts’ ecology it may be concluded that neither tiger nor any other predator has anything to do with the death of the leopard. The beast fell a victim of other ‘beasts’ – coward and mean poachers.
It is likely that after the examination a criminal case will be initiated. It is necessary to investigate the matter immediately so that to punish guilty persons. "We can’t turn back the leopard but we should draw conclusions out of this case so that to prevent such tragedies."-said Sergey Aramilev.

It is not the first time that this rare kind of beast died in Nezhinsk game husbandry: 5 years ago there was also killed the Far Eastern leopardess. Now the hunting season is over and that’s why the administration of the husbandry is not responsible for death of the animal.


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