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"Cougar Clippings" for 3/25/2009 from Mountain Lion Foundation

Cougar Clippings
News Links 3/25/2009

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles:

Lion sightings spur Santa Paula safety campaign

After numerous reported sightings and the unfortunate killing of a lion kitten in a Santa Paula neighborhood, local law enforcement officers underwent a training session on mountain lions last Thursday. In addition, they handed out informational brochures to nearly 2,000 residents on the following Saturday. Spreading education in the community about mountain lions and what to do in case of an encounter should help calm residents' fears. Understanding our wild predator neighbors is the first step to living peacefully alongside them. See the Mountain Lion Foundation's Library page for additional resources.

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Governor Crist Proclaims March 21 Save the Florida Panther Day

This year's Save the Florida Panther Day was a huge success with many residents turning out for the event at the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday. Governor Charlie Crist issued a statement to Florida residents encouraging them raise awareness and help save the state's big cat. Money raised at the event and also from the sales of specialized Florida panther license plates will contribute to funds for the recovery of the species. Hopefully our beloved panthers will be around to celebrate many more Save the Florida Panther Days.

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The lions of Los Angeles

The old veteran male tomcat, named P1, from the Santa Monica Mountains in southern California may have possibly been killed last week. Local ranch hands found his bloody GPS collar and tufts of lion fur nearby. It is unclear what happened to P1 but some biologists think he may have been killed for his territory by a younger lion. P1 had previously killed three other lions in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is an unfortunate loss and further indicates the limited habitat available in the area.

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"Lucky" Libby relocated after suspected alpaca kill

In Washington adult cougar populations are dwindling. Seventy-five percent of cougars who were radio collared in a study have been killed in just five years. So when an adult male was accused of preying on an alpaca, wildlife officials decided to let him off with a warning. After being trapped, sedated and tagged, the newly named "Libby" was released farther into his territory away from the city. He was then purposely chased by a Karelian bear dog to help solidify the negative experience and encourage the cat to stay away from town.

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