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News Links 3/18/2009

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles:

Mountain Lion Flies the Coop

After the recent shooting of a Santa Paula lion kitten by law enforcement officers, many southern California residents have been hesitant to phone in lion sightings, fearing it may result in the needless death of yet another lion. However, officers redeemed themselves on Tuesday when a lion who appeared to be trapped in a chicken coop after falling through the roof was set free by a Fish and Game Warden. The lion caused no harm and simply walked off once the door was opened.

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Conservationists turn out to kick off Save the Florida Panther Week

It's Save the Florida Panther Week and a large number of residents have already attended the first few events. A gathering at Naples Zoo in front of their panther exhibit appears to have inspired many locals into protecting wildlife and spreading awareness of conservation issues. The lecture at the zoo was the first of many events leading up to Save the Florida Panther Day which will be celebrated on Saturday the 21st.

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Buckley wants ODFW answers on cougar study

It's about time! Rep. Peter Buckley is putting the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife on the spot to report their findings from the ongoing "study" that allows cougars to be hunted in the state for the preemptive purpose of reducing conflicts, and costs more than $100,000 annually. A cougar has never attacked a person in the state's history and recent conclusions from Washington State University research indicate the cougar population is likely lower than DFW assumes. DFW will need to justify the hunting season if they want it to continue.

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