Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cougar could still be in northern Wisconsin, but no new sightings

Story posted Wednesday at 10:36 a.m.


The cougar spotted west of Spooner hasn’t been seen since March 5. Joe Cadotte reports the mountain lion could be anywhere…even in Douglas County.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Jim Bishop of Spooner says they don’t know where the cougar is.

“When we left it, it was in a heavily wooden area. If it would have gone west into Burnett County or up north into Douglas, an animal can find a lot of wild area. It could still be roaming around. Or, it could’ve gone west where we believe it came from, into to Minnesota and possibly back to South Dakota or up in Canada.”

Bishop says the DNR is relying on the public to find out where the cougar is.

“If someone’s got a verifiable sighting of this we’re asking people, if they do see it keep their distance. If they can get good identification of a track to cover the track so it doesn’t get weathered. We would go out there and take a look at and try and verify if the animal is still in the area.”

Bishop says people should contact the DNR if they see the cougar.


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