Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leopard strays into Indian city, pelted with rocks by mob


Leopard is pelted with stones by angry mob after he strays into their city

By Sarah Titterton
Last updated at 11:44 AM on 17th March 2009

They are feared predators, sleek and lethal in the wild.

But this hunter swiftly became the hunted when he made the mistake of venturing into a residential area on a desperate search for food.

The full-grown male leopard looks terrified as he takes cover beside a bicycle in India.

Any port in a storm: The leopard takes cover beside some bicycles as residents pelt him with stones

The animal is chased into a ravine and surrounded by the angry mob of residents
As well he should - a mob of angry residents were chasing him, pelting him with stones.

Three people were seriously injured when the leopard came down to the residential Jyotikuchi area in the heart of Guwahati city, northeast India.

He left the shelter of the surrounding hills and stole into the city in search of food.

The leopard dashes for safety in the bushes as the attack continues...

... but the situation was finally defused when wildlife officials got close enough to tranquilise him and send him to a zoo

But his foraging expedition soon turned into a terrifying face off with the leopard trapped in the midst of the furious mob.

Wildlife officials were finally able to defuse the situation when they got close enough to tranquilize the big cat.

He was later taken to a zoo.


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