Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Company to stop making 'lion poison'

Pesticide Banned In US Sold In East Africa

POSTED: 12:02 am CDT March 30, 2009

PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia-based manufacturer of a pesticide blamed by conservationists for the poisoning deaths of lions in Kenya said it's taking "aggressive action" to prevent misuse of the product, halting sales to the country and trying to buy back supplies.

The carbofuran pesticide is marketed by the FMC Corp. as Furadan. It's used to control insects on crops such as corn, rice and sorghum. Its granular form was banned in the mid-1990s after it killed 2 million birds.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency moved last summer to stop its use on food crops.

Conservationists said East African herdsmen trying to protect their animals have been using the pesticide to poison lions, hyenas and other predators.

FMC Vice President Milton Steele said the company has no proof its product was involved. But he said it wants to work with conservationists to resolve the problem.


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