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Zimbabwe: Are Kruger lions terrorizing villagers?

Zimbabwe: Lions Terrorise Villagers

Published by the government of Zimbabwe
2 April 2009

Beitbridge — A pride of lions believed to have strayed from the Kruger National Park in South Africa are on the prowl in Beitbridge east where they are terrorising villagers and killing livestock.

Most villagers from areas around Chituripasi and Chikwalakwala are appealing to authorities to deal with the lions.

The villagers have lost several livestock since the lions were spotted in the area two weeks ago.

"I have lost four beasts, a donkey and two goats to these marauding lions. We are now living in fear for our lives and our livestock. We are appealing to officials from the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to act on the matter promptly," said Mr Thinyiko Mukabela of Chikwalakwala.

Another villager Mr Lutendo Chauke said he lost four cattle and a donkey last week. He said villagers feared for the lives of their children who foot distances of between five and seven kilometres to get to school.

"Most of us now live in fear especially for our children who go to faraway schools using bushy paths that they might be attacked. We always experience this problem year in year out and we urge relevant authorities to act swiftly on this matter," he said.

Ward one councillor Mr Enock Ndou said a local safari operator had been requested to assist the villagers while they await help from the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

"Stray lions and elephants have become a perennial problem for villagers in this area," he said.


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