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In search of the snow leopard

22 May 2009

Spot the elusive predator, stealthily making its way through the rocky terrain; even a glimpse of its flickering tail is a highlight as the colorations of this beautiful Cat are almost impossible to spot in the rugged territory. World Big Cat Safaris will be adding a new snow leopard safari to its portfolio and introducing its guests to one of the most sought after wildlife sightings in the world.

With numbers dwindling year upon year this is a once in a lifetime experience to track the critically endangered snow leopards of Ladakh in India whilst also supporting the local communities of Ladakh and the snow leopards through The Snow Leopard Trust.

The trip will be escorted by Dr. Yash Veer Bhatnagar, a Director of The Snow Leopard Trust and a leading figure for conservation of snow leopards and their habitat. It is truly a privilege to have Dr Bhatnagar work with us on this trip as, having worked in this arena for a number of years, Dr Bhatnagar has seen the snow leopard on a number of occasions (and knows what to look for!) and will educate the group on tracking the snow leopard, its habits and lifestyle in order to maximize the chances of spotting one in its natural habitat.

Every attempt will be made to track this elusive predator but time will also be spent meeting the local people as guests stay in village homes, taste some of the local cuisine, and admire the local cultures, traditions and religions. The safari will also visit the mountainous monasteries and crumbling palaces of Ladakh. Other wildlife spotting may include Golden Eagles, Argali, Blue Sheep and Red Foxes.

The first Snow Leopard Safari will run from the 15th February to the 1st March 2010. Price includes: accommodation and most meals, internal flights (Delhi—Leh—Delhi), transfers, porters and ponies to carry baggage, park and monument fees as per the itinerary, expert guide Dr. Yash Bhatnagar, local guides, insulated mattresses and sleeping bags.

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