Sunday, May 24, 2009

India: Leopard strays into jasmine farm

16 May 2009, 0333 hrs IST, TNN

TUMKUR: It appears Tumkur district is turning into a leopard territory of sorts, what with the number of times these big cats have made an appearance there. On Friday, the wild cat was spotted at a jasmine farm at Kadirae Kambadhahalli near Sira, Tumkur district.

When a 11-year-old boy went to the farm early in the morning to pluck flowers, he saw the leopard resting, bang in the farm's centre. The stunned boy quietly slipped out of the farm, to avoid startling the wild animal. He informed the villagers who, armed with weapons, tried to send it back to the forest. On seeing the crowd, the leopard hid behind a bush. The villagers then alerted the police and forest department, whose local team came to the spot. They lit crackers to scare the animal. In the evening, they finally succeeded in chasing it back to Badavanahalli forest.

This is third time in the past three months that a leopard has strayed into human habitat in Tumkur district. In May, the animal was found in Gubbi, and, last month, a big cat entered Tumkur College.


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