Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Young mountain killed on freeway north of L.A.

Driving on the 5 freeway this morning in the Newhall Pass between Los Angeles and the Santa Clarita Valley, a Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority ranger spotted a dead mountain lion on the center divider near Calgrove Blvd. Presumably, it was hit trying to cross the freeway.

The National Park Service, which tracks some mountain lions within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, took note on their Twitter account. Based on preliminary information, this particular lion, only 90 pounds and fairley young, had no tracking collar on him, said Superintendent Woody Smeck.

The cougar's body will now go into the hands of California Fish & Game, who usually takes deceased mountain lions to hatcheries, tags them, performs research if needed and sends it to a private research lab if requested.

There are thousands of mountain lions in California. Fish & Game has set up a nice webpage about how to best live among them.

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