Monday, June 08, 2009

Colorado: Boulder man shoots mountain lion that attacked his dog

June 8, 8:33 AM

An unidentified Boulder man who shot and killed a mountain lion that attacked his beagle will not face charges.

State wildlife officials say they will not take action because the man felt threatened. Under Colorado law, you can kill a mountain lion if you feel you or your animals are in danger.

The man shot the mountain lion with a shotgun during the attack on May 30. Colorado Division of Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill says the cat had apparently gone to retrieve a deer carcass it had stored on the man's property in north Boulder when it attacked the dog.

The beagle suffered a punctured neck, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The mountain lion had tags in both ears and a radio collar. Churchill says it's unclear whether the cat was collared because of previous run-ins with people or if it had been trapped and collared as part of an ongoing study in the Boulder area.

Author: Larry Berreth
Larry Berreth is an Examiner from Denver. You can see Larry's articles on Larry's Home Page.


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