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"Cougar Clippings" for 15 Jul 2009 from Mountain Lion Fdn.

Cougar Clippings
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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles. For more frequent updates, visit and read the news daily.

Washington Commission Surveys Public Priorities For A New Fish And Wildlife Director
Washington's Department of Fish & Wildlife is looking for a new director and they want the public's input during the hiring process. There is a survey available on the Commission's website (right-side column) to voice concerns for the applicants' qualifications and priorities (conservation vs. increased hunting), and even a space to recommend someone for the director position.
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Taxidermist Sentenced
Oregon taxidermist Ted Day will face 4 months in jail and $2,400 in fines for illegally killing wildlife. Police officers recently confiscated eight bears and cougar from his business. Day's hunting license had already been suspended for five years for a previous violation. Now, the judge ruled to permanently suspend his license, not allow him on public service land, to own trapping equipment or practice taxidermy. But for a man who has had no problem breaking the law in the past, it seems unlikely this ruling will change his behavior.
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Alligator Alley May Be Opened To Hunters & ATV's
A new plan for Alligator Alley, located within Florida's Everglades National Park, would allow more access through wild areas for hunters and rugged vehicles. A formal review of this plan noted it would have a negative impact on the endangered Florida panthers and their habitat. The National Park Service will take public comments until the end of September. Visit the Contact Us page on their website to submit your comments.
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Utah DWR Proposes Increase in Cougar Hunting Permits
As we have seen in recent news coverage from South Dakota and Montana, it's about that time of year when state fish & game agencies are evaluating their mountain lion hunting quotas and increasing trophy seasons for 2010 without logic or public input. Although Utah will not significantly increase their quota, partly due to the fact that it is already huge, they continue to claim that killing over 300 lions a year is a responsible management tool. Sadly, the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources proudly believes they are stabilizing the population and helping balance the relationship between lions and their prey.
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Those were just a few of the lion articles from the past week. Click here to read more! The Mountain Lion Foundation follows cougar and wildlife news each week. For a complete library of the most pertinent news articles, visit the Mountain Lion Foundation Newsroom. If you can not use the links in this email to read complete articles, cut and paste (or type) the following address into your browser:

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