Sunday, July 05, 2009

Forest officials trap leopard from tea garden in West Bengal

From ANI

Doars (West Bengal), July 5: Forest officials trapped a leopard that strayed into a tea estate in Doars in West Bengal.

Forest officials said the animal might have come out in search of food.

Leopards stray into tea gardens as there they feel more safe, are not disturbed and get ample water," said Nripen Saha, ranger, Khunia wildlife.

The villagers said they lived in constant fear of being attacked by leopards.

"Leopards stray into villages at night, attack goats, kids, pigs and also children sometimes," said Sanita Munda, a villager.

The trapped beast has been taken to the Khunia forest under Jalpaiguri Wildlife-2.ncidents [sic] of big cats entering human habitats have on the rise in the region.

Last year, at least 140 leopards fell prey to poachers while 150 and 200 leopard skins and bodies are seized every year from across the country.

Experts say increasing human interference such as development, encroachment and destruction of habitat, as well as poaching, are the main threats to animals.


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