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"Cougar Clippings for 26 Aug 2009 from Mountain Lion Foundation

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles. For more frequent updates, visit and read the news daily.

Panther Color Confounds Expert

The birth of two Florida Panther kittens would be an exciting report all on its own, but two gray kittens was a first time discovery for veteran panther biologist Mark Lotz. Aside from their odd and extremely rare coloration, the two cats appear to be in the good health. They will be monitored in the months to come to see if their smoky coats turn into the typical tawny- brown, or if they remain gray into adulthood.

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'My hands were shaking': Cougar-shooter tells his story

In Washington, over the past few weeks a cougar had been seen following a few bikers on a national forest trail. On Saturday, a nearby farmer killed a cougar going after one of his pigs and authorities believe it may be the same cat. Any cougar threatening people, pets or livestock can be killed on the spot, in addition to the hundreds of cougars that are killed every year for trophies in Washington.

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Hay Harvesters Encounter Cougar

A harvesting crew in La Grande Oregon is taking extra precautions during their night shifts bailing hay after a small cougar was seen in the parking lot. The men were startled when the cat did not appear afraid by immediately running away. Typically cougars will avoid people before ever being seen, or they will simply walk away if encountered. By working in pairs and using their headlights, the harvesting crew will likely increase their safety in other aspects as well.

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