Sunday, August 30, 2009

Frequent tiger intrusions in villages in Sundarbans

Frequent tiger intrusions in villages in Sundarbans


Annpur (Sundarbans), Aug 30 (PTI) Three months after Cyclone Aila struck Sundarbans wreaking havoc with the tiger habitat in the mangroves, villagers in the area are living in fear due to frequent intrusions by the big cats in residential areas in search of prey.

"Two weeks ago, my wife saw a tiger when she entered the kitchen after hearing sounds of utensils falling down. She saw a tiger crouching on the floor," Pintu Mridha, a resident of Jamespur village, said.

She ran out in panic with her child and climbed a tree as villagers, alerted by her screams, chased away the tiger.

To drive away trigers, residents of Annpur, Jamespur, Lahiripur, Rajat Jubilee villages have taken to bursting firecrackers at night.

The forest department has also pitched in by installing generators to illuminate embankments of rivers bordering the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve after nightfall.

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