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"Cougar Clippings" for 2 Sep 2009 from Mountain Lion Fdn

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles. For more frequent updates, visit and read the news daily.

From Solvang to Folsom : Cougar Captured in April Ends up at Sanctuary Near Sacramento

In April, two orphaned cougar cubs in Solvang, California, were captured by Julia Di Sieno of the Animal Rescue Team in Santa Barbara. Shortly after, the Department of Fish & Game seized the two cubs and refused to tell the rehabilitators where the cubs were taken. Now, months later, we have found that the three-month-old siblings were separated and received terrible treatment. They should have stayed together for at least two years, but one was sent to the east coast and harassed by airport employees along the way. She is currently still showing signs of the trauma and located at the Binghamton Zoo in New York. The other finally made her way to a permanent home at the Folsom Zoo just outside Sacramento, CA. With the full support of MLF, Julia Di Sieno is on a mission to reunite the cubs at Folsom.

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You Just Can't Hide Their Lion Eyes

Despite multiple sightings of mountain lions in Lake County, California, very few residents are concerned because there has never been an attack on a person in the county. A man and his two sons working on a landscape project witnessed a lion preying on a deer but since the lion showed no interest in the men, they simply watched and continued their work. Being aware of a lion's presence and understanding their behavior make it easy to coexist.

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Rooftop Officer Shoots, Kills Mountain Lion

Many states will begin their cougar trophy hunting season on September 1st. Although South Dakota's does not kickoff until the first of the year, their law enforcement agencies are not hesitating to reduce the cougar population in the meantime. With the typical excuse that the safety of neighborhood children was in jeopardy, the State Game, Fish & Parks Department shot and killed a young dispersing male cougar. They admitted he was heading away from town and even hid in a tree at one point while being pursued by officers.

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