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"Cougar Clippings" for 23 Sep 2009 from Mountain Lion Foundation

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles. For more frequent updates, visit and read the news daily.

Commissioner Suggests "Lion Free" Zones

According to "Blogging in the Desert" by Arizona Daily Star journalist Tony Davis, at Saturday's Game & Fish Commission meeting, Commissioner Jack Husted suggested that Arizona create lion-free zones. Husted also supports returning to a year round lion trophy hunting season. After his recent suggestions, many appear to be wondering if Husted understands the fundamentals of a healthy ecosystem, or simply wants wildlife refuges to be hunting theme-parks.

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Lawsuit Coming if Panthers Aren't Protected, Environmental Groups Say

Three environmental groups have filed a petition with the Obama administration to protect 3.1 million acres of habitat critical for the survival of endangered Florida panthers. The Center for Biological Diversity has stated they will take this issue to court if they do not receive a positive response within the 90-day time period.

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Mountain Lion Fatally Struck by Car Near Bemidji

A large cat killed on a northern Minnesota road Friday night was confirmed to be a mountain lion. The adult male has been transported to the state's Department of Natural Resources office in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, for further study. He does not appear to be captive bred but researchers will know more in the upcoming weeks. Wildlife officials do not believe there is a breeding population of lions in the state.

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