Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trap set up for bobcat in Kansas City suburb

Trap Set Up For Bobcat In Riss Lake
Dept. Of Conservation Officials Remind Owners To Supervise Pets

POSTED: 2:24 pm CDT September 24, 2009
UPDATED: 6:21 pm CDT September 24, 2009

PARKVILLE, Mo. -- Missouri Department of Conservation officials are attempting to trap a wild bobcat that is hunting in the Riss Lake area of Parkville.

Residents in the area have reported that the bobcat is killing pets.

"I've seen the car multiple times in front of my house," homeowner Cecilia Shalz told KMBC.

The animal's den has been spotted in a wood pile in the neighborhood.

The trap being set up by conservation officials may capture the bobcat so it can be removed.

However, wildlife experts said it can be difficult to trap an intelligent wild animal. They said that a more immediate solution would be for residents to keep a close eye on their pets and not let them wander out of sight.

Residents said that there have been sightings of the bobcat for nearly a year.

Wildlife experts said there have also been an increasing number of owl attacks on pets in the Kansas City area. They're also seeing the black bear population coming back, especially in the southern part of Missouri.


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