Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fossilized saber tooth tiger found in Peru

Art/Culture/History - 26 October, 2009 [ 18:01 ]

Isabel Guerra

After nearly a year of intense search, the fossilized skull of a Smilodon, known as "saber tooth tiger" was found during an expedition through the area known as "Pampa de los Fósiles" (Fossils Ground) in the province of Pacasmayo, La Libertad region.

Klaus Hönningen Mitrani, a paleontologist, said that the discovery took place eleven days after he received several indications that the remains of the predator were found in that area, in the entry road to the resort Poémape in the district of San Pedro de Lloc.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the Smilodon would belong to the geological period known as the Pleistocene, which began 2.59 million last few years to about 12,000 years BP (before present).

The skull belonged to an adult Smilodon, measures 35cm, and its characteristic fangs are 18cm long, which allowed him to hunt.

Hönninghen recalled that scientists have determined that this species was contemporary with the man of Paijan, considered as the first humans who inhabited Peru.



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