Wednesday, October 28, 2009

India: Feces, meat to be used to lure elusive leopard on Delhi outskirts


New Delhi, Oct 28 (PTI) With no sign of the elusive leopard that was spotted in a locality in outer Delhi for the past seven days, wildlife experts are now trying to catch the beast by using bait such as feces of another leopard from a zoo in the national capital.

"The beast has been untraceable for the last seven days, though we know that it must be hiding deep in the Alipur forests in outer Delhi.

"We are now planning to put up a trap cage at some suspect place along with feces of a leopard from the zoo besides meat pieces to lure it," Wildlife expert Kartick Satyanarayan from SOS Wildlife said.

Smell of feces of another leopard might motivate the elusive animal to look for a mate and thus walk into the trap, the activist explained.


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