Tuesday, October 27, 2009

India: Hurt leopard dies in Ranthambore

TNN 23 October 2009, 06:40am IST

JAIPUR: A young female leopard succumbed to its injuries sustained in an inter-territorial fight at the Ranthambore tiger reserve on Thursday.

According to officials of the forest department, the leopard had severe injuries on its paws and back. "It looks as if the Big Cat was involved in a fight with another leopard. We had tranquillised it and had been treating it but since the injuries were so severe it succumbed," said director of Ranthambore national park, R S Shekhawat.

Last week, the leopard had attacked a motorcycle-borne youth, besides several other persons and a forest guard, when the youth was on way to the Ganesh temple in a place called Mishredarre gate at Ranthambore.

The injured leopard was nursing its wounds in a stream nearby when it spotted the youth. Fearing an attack the leopard jumped on him. Later, it attacked some more passerby and a forest guard who had tried to shoo it off.

Thereafter, the forst guard raised an alarm and a team of forest department officials rushed to the place. The guards then tranquilised the leopard and put it in an iron cage.

"`Since then doctors have been treating the leopard. But the wounds on the leopard's body had developed maggots and were severe. We tried our best to save him but we failed," added Shekhawat.



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