Tuesday, October 27, 2009

India: Leopard sighted in Outer Delhi, search mounted

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Staff Reporter | New Delhi

In an unprecedented incident, a leopard was reportedly spotted in a farmhouse at Jindpur village in Alipur area of Outer Delhi on Monday.

This case of leopard being seen in Delhi has been reported after a big cat was spotted in the Sainik Farm area five years ago. This leopard was tranquilised and later shot dead in custody.

Nearly 20 years back, another leopard was sighted near the Aryabhatt Institute on GT Road.

Police personnel and forest officers have intensified are searching for the leopard but it had not been traced till late night. According to an eyewitness, the leopard had also eaten a dog.

According to the local police, owner of the farmhouse, Sridutt Sharma, informed the police about a leopard being seen in his farmhouse in the morning. Sharma had spotted the leopard when he was feeding his pigeons in the farmhouse. "As the farmhouse owner spotted the leopard, his first thought was that it would be a big cat . But when he came in front of him he was scared. The owner somehow managed to take some snaps and also captured videos of the leopard and then informed the police. But, by then the leopard had fled in the nearby area," said a senior police officer. Forest officers had also been called in on the spot and they had examined the footprints of the leopard.

According to the police, there are two Government protected forests near the farmhouse and the leopard might have sneaked in from these forests as the boundary walls of these forests are broken at many places. The roads leading to these forests had also been damaged to check the cases of poaching. According to the police, there are many farmhouses in this area and there are chances that someone might have illegally kept a leopard in his farmhouse. According to the police, the leopard might have come from the adjoining areas of Sonepat and Baghpat in Haryana and Loni and Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh as well.

The forest officers had gone through the video being captured by the owner of the farmhouse and had stated that this is a full grown leopard and it seems that he is well fed. The forest officers had added that this leopard does not seem to be a man-eater. The police and the forest officials have cordoned off the area and search operations for tracing the leopard was going on.

The area, where the leopard is reportedly seen, is full of tall bushes and shrubs and this is making it difficult for the search team to trace the leopard. The police had advised the people of the adjoining areas to be in their homes till the leopard is traced.



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