Saturday, November 28, 2009

India: Leopard cub dies in road accident

Prithviraj Singh - Dehradun
DEHRADUN - Saturday, November 28, 2009

Death of a three-month-old leopard cub near Timli village in Kalsi Forest division three days ago has forced the forest officials to be extra cautious about the safety of villagers.

The wailing mother and a sibling of the dead leopard cub were found roaming around village Timli early on Wednesday morning. Following which a patrolling team of forest officials took away the carcass. Noise of the wailing sibling of the dead cub was clearly heard by foresters when they reached near the carcass around 6.30 am at a site between 58 and 59 kilometers milestones on Herbertpur-Saharanpur Road.

According to the patrolling team, the cry of the cub was heart rendering. The mother and her cub remained in the forest near the body of the dead cub, till it was taken away. "In all probability, the cub died in a road accident. Apparently it was hit by a small speeding vehicle on Saharanpur-Herbertpur road," said Kalsi Forest division SDO Gulveer Singh.

Meanwhile Kalsi DFO and his staff have decided to increase patrolling in the area to avoid leopard's attack in future. According to them, the cub's death has alerted them as Timli village with more than 1000 population is not far away from the spot the cub died. "We have to take special care for the safety of Timli villagers as it's barely half a kilometer away from here," said Singh, adding that patrolling will be increased at Timli forest range in order to keep the leopard away from entering into the village.

Foresters have also decided to sensitise villagers to keep them alert about big cats particularly after the death of the cub. In another wildlife casualty in the State, an elephant calf died after falling from a hill top in Pauri.

According to officials, as the female leopard was seen venturing into areas close to the village necessary preventive steps were needed to obviate any future untoward incident.

In another incident, an elephant calf died after falling from a hilltop in Pauri district, forest officials said here on Friday. The seven-year-old calf was found injured with her hip bone broken during a routine patrolling at Lansdowne forest division, about 150 km from here, on Thursday, Lansdowne DFO Narendra Singh said.


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