Friday, November 06, 2009

Iowa: One bobcat hit per week by vehicles in Council Bluffs

Bobcats Spotted in Council Bluffs

Council Bluffs, Iowa - Tonight we're taking action to alert you to a dangerous and troubling trend on the roads. Several dead bobcats are spotted along busy roads in Council Bluffs. So, we did some digging to see if it's dangerous for people and pets out there.

Bobcat sightings are on the rise, people in Southwest Iowa snap three recent photos of large cats. So what does that mean for kids and pets in the area?

According to Iowa DNR officials, they're more likely to end up as road kill then to actually kill a pet or child. "I'm assuming this is a roadkill bobcat that came in with a conservation officer," says Mark Boucher as he handles a large cat. Boucher works for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. He packs up several cats hit by drivers in Western Iowa recently.

And in just the Council Bluffs area, three bobcats in as many weeks are hit by drivers. With so many spotted within city limits, we ask how the cats aren't causing problems? "They are very reclusive animals, you hardly ever see them ."

These cats were probably hit at night. Boucher tells me that's when the animal hunts small rodents. That's also usually when kids and pets are inside. So while the cats may cause some headaches on the road, Boucher favors the feline population on the rise.

Hunting season for bobcats starts tomorrow in Iowa. For more information you can find a link posted above this story.

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