Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sport hunting of big cats to begin in Uganda district

Uganda: Nakasongola Gets New Revenue Source

Frederick Kiwanuka
1 November 2009
The New Vision

Kampala — NAKASONGOLA District Local council will soon start earning millions of revenue from sport hunting following an agreement with the Uganda Wildlife Authority., a senior official has said.

Alfred Byamukama, the assistant chief administrative officer, speaking to the district finance committee which met last week, said the move is part of the administration's effort to boost local revenue.

Under the arrangement, people who hunt wild animals as a sport will pay to the wildlife authority, which will in turn share the proceeds with the district local government.

Byamukama added that the district has many wild animals and birds, especially in Nakitoma sub-county, which were being killed by poachers at no fee, yet they could fetch a lot of revenue under sport hunting.

He gave an example of the arrangement, citing $10,000 as the fee that can be fetched if a leopard is hunted under the arrangement with the wild life authority.

The district administration is strained by the high demand for funds to run the council and the various departments and needed the money, he added.



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