Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tigress found dead in Kanha park

Tigress found dead in Kanha park

IANS 4 November 2009, 05:07pm IST

BHOPAL: A 14-month-old tigress who was injured in a fight with another tiger has been found dead at the Kanha tiger reserve in eastern Madhya Pradesh, officials said on Wednesday.

"The partially eaten body of the tigress, aged about 14 months, was found in the meadow area of Kanha. The park staff saw a tiger eating the body Tuesday morning," Kanha field director H.S. Negi said.

The cause of death was confirmed after the post-mortem report came in. "The post-mortem examination of the tigress carried out suggested death due to fighting with another tiger," said Negi, adding that the body was disposed off by the park authorities as per the norms of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).

This is the sixth case in the Kanha park in 2009 of a tiger being killed by another. Negi said this was due to the high tiger population density in the park.

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