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"Cougar Clippings" for 16 Dec 2009 from Mountain Lion Foundation

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles. For more frequent updates, visit and read the news daily.

** Tracking the Cougar that Lurked Around Discovery Park **

The recent tracking of a cougar in Washington has proved it's a win-win situation when researchers and state game officials work together. Last fall, a cougar wandered into Seattle's Discovery Park. Rather than immediately kill the cat - as most state agencies would have done without a second thought - Washington Fish & Wildlife instead worked with biologists to radio collar and track the cougar. The young male, named Discovery, traveled over sixty miles in two weeks and eventually made his way back into the wild in the eastern part of the state without conflicting with any people or pets along the way. Residents appreciated the Department's humane treatment of Discovery.

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** Mountain Lion Shot Near Marengo **

Another one of the very few mountain lions to ever be confirmed in Iowa has been killed. Thirty minutes after discovering the young male lounging in a tree, deer hunter Raymond Goebel shot and killed the rare cat. The only reason it took him a half hour was because he called DNR to be sure it was legal and also obtained permission from the land owner. Only a handful of lions have ever been found in Iowa since they were killed off decades ago - these are believed to be young dispersing males from western states attempting to recolonize the range - and this one was the first sighted in over five years. Although the Iowa Department of Natural Resources does not encourage people to kill mountain lions, they have yet to make it against the law or extend any protections to lions. Until attitudes and polices change, mountain lions may not stand a chance of surviving in Iowa.

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** Deputies Urge Caution After Shasta Lake Lion Sightings **

California Department of Fish & Game officials along with Shasta County Animal Control tried their best Monday morning to haze a lost young mountain lion out of town and back into the woods. California DFG policies currently do not allow lions to be tranquilized or relocated, so officers used what they had to scare the lion away. They gave it an escape route, and finally after some pepper-spray and gunshot in its direction, the lion ran off. Rubber bullets would have been more efficient, and a radio collar ideal, especially for a mammal that is considered "specially protected" by California law.

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** Grassy Butte Man Gets Eighth Cougar **

North Dakota's Unit 1 is now closed for the cougar hunting season. The harvest quota has been reached more than three months early, with the last lion being killed this week. Unit 2 will remain open and allows an unlimited number of cougars to be killed because biologists believe there are none in that region.

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