Monday, December 21, 2009

Florida Panther: Greatest Animal Comeback Stories Of The Decade

The Greatest Animal Comeback Stories Of The Decade (PHOTOS)

There is nothing like a good comeback story to lift the spirits and renew your hope in the seemingly impossible. These eleven, amazing animals were all pushed to the brink of extinction. With the help of conservationists, however, they've turned into comeback kids. These animals also prove that with enough effort, people truly can protect endangered wildlife. Check out their inspiring stories.

The beautiful and misunderstood Florida panther was hunted nearly to extinction by the mid-1950s. Although it was declared an endangered species in 1967, loss of habitat, automobile accidents, and genetic problems from inbreeding continue to threaten the panther. In 1995, the wild population was down to about 30 big cats. Thanks to a breeding program and efforts to save the panthers' habitat, today the wild population is nearing 100 individuals. Although this is an improvement, the Florida panther is still in serious danger. Proposed breeding and reintroduction programs will have to succeed if the panther is to make a real recovery.


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