Thursday, December 03, 2009

India: No decision on reintroducing cheetah in the wild


New Delhi, Dec 2 (PTI) No decision has been taken on reintroduction of cheetah in the wild in the country though four of them were acquired by a zoo in Gujarat this year under an animal exchange programme, the government said today.

"No Cheetahs have been imported from any country for the purpose of reintroduction in wild. However, four African Cheetahs (two each male and female) were acquired by the Sakkarbaug Zoo in Junagarh on March 29 from Singapore under an animal exchange programme," Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said in reply to a written question in Lok Sabha.

The minister also stated that a consultative meeting in Gajner in Rajasthan in September has recommended detailed surveys and analysis to ascertain habitat suitability for the reintroduction of the fastest animal in the country.


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