Thursday, December 03, 2009

Turkmenistan leopards adjust to life in Russian national park

Turkmen leopards adapted to Sochi

Two leopards that were brought to the Sochi National Park from Turkmenistan have fully adapted to life in the open-air cage, "Interfax-South" reports with reference to deputy director of the park Umar Semenov.

According to him, the period of adaptation of two male leopards in the nursery has come to an end. "Each male leopard eats 4.5 kg of meat per day. Food is complemented with rabbits, eggs, milk and vitamins," Umar Semenov said. Now each male leopard weighs about 50 kg. Their weight was 10-15 kg less when they were brought to the nursery.

It should be recalled that on 19 September animals were placed in spacious cages of the special breeding and rehabilitation center of the Sochi National Park at a ceremony attended by Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of the International Olympic Committee, Jean-Claude Killy and IOC Executive Director Gilbert Felli.

Two leopards imported from Turkmenistan will become the foundation for restoration of this rare cat in the Caucasus in accordance with the Program of Recovery of the Persian Leopard, which was developed by specialists of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Russia Academy of Sciences. According to the program of breeding of the Persian leopard, there will be three males and three females in the nursery. Their offspring will be released into the wild, in the Caucasus Reserve. Experts suggest that the creation of the northern core of the leopard population will be completed in 10-15 years.


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