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17-year-old high school senior shoots mountain lion

Posted: Jan 7, 2010 03:22 PM EST

Updated: Jan 7, 2010 10:46 PM EST

17-Year-old High School Senior Shoots Mountain Lion

By: Ty Brennan

A Blackfoot High School senior is getting a lot of attention at school for doing something most students her age would never even dream of.

17-year-old Marina Rossi may look like any other senior roaming the halls at Blackfoot High School, but unlike most of her classmates and even some avid sportsmen, she's tracked and killed a 150 pound mountain lion. Hunting is something she says she's grown up with.

Marina Rossi: "Ever since I've been able to walk and hold a gun, I've been hunting, so it's something we all do."

Marina, her father and some friends tracked the 6' 3" inch cat a few weeks ago near Grace, and Marina, the only girl in the group was given the chance to aim and shoot.

Marina: "It's a neat opportunity because not everybody gets to do it."

A very rare opportunity, in fact Marina's own father has never shot a mountain lion--giving her some definite bragging rights within the family.

Ty Brennan, Reporter: "you said your dad's never shot one, so was there a little bit of ribbing going on?"

Marina: "Yeah, yeah, it was kind of big deal, cause I'm his daughter so… it was a step up for him."

Marina hopes to one day work as a conservation officer with fish and game after college.


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