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Bobcat trapping in full swing in Kansas

Bobcat tagging in full swing

By Clinton Lee
Published: Thursday, December 31, 2009 12:15 PM CST

With deer seasons winding down and temperatures getting colder, furbearers start roaming the countryside.

Furharvesting and trapping season is under way, and I want to mention a couple things for people to remember.

Many of you trappers already are aware, but it doesn’t hurt to get the information out to those who forget or don’t know.

Bobcats are required to be tagged with an export tag. These tags are free, but they have to be secured to the pelt of the cat by a department employee.

Tags are required to be placed in only two spots on the animal. Under the pelt, up through the mouth and out one of the eyes. The other way would be under the pelt, between the eyes. This is good for those of you who plan to freeze the animal or pelt. If you freeze the entire carcass, remember to make an incision for the tag and put a small object in the incision to maintain that space while freezing. It becomes very difficult to tag when animals are frozen solid.

Also, remember bobcats have to be tagged within seven days of the close of the season. The season runs from Nov. 18, 2009, through Feb. 15, 2010, which means you will have until Feb. 22, 2010, to get your cats tagged.

Additionally, furharvesting licenses are required to take bobcats whether by trapping or by hunting. When you have cats ready for tagging, give me a call at (620) 986-5500 and we will set up a time to meet. Remember to bring your furharvesters’ license, the dates you took each animal and the means of how you took each animal.

Please don’t wait until the last day to tag your cats. Things get busy towards the end of the season, and if lots of cats are taken, it’s possible for us to run out of tags, leaving you to travel greater distances to get your cats tagged.

Thank you for your time. I hope this information is helpful to you during the season.

Remember to visit our Web site at Customers can purchase most licenses, permits and registrations from their homes, either via computer or by calling the toll free telephone number 1-800-918-2877.

Also, those very informational Kansas Hunting & Furharvesting Regulations Summary books are available at most locations where hunting and fishing licenses are sold. Make sure to pick one up and read through it to familiarize yourself with old regulations along with some of the new changes that were established. If you have questions, feel free to call Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Region 4 Office in Wichita at (316) 683-8069, or the Pratt Operations Office at (620) 672-5911, or look for answers at our Web site.

Report all wildlife violations to Operation Game Thief 1-877-426-2842, or contact your local Natural Resource Officer, Cowley County Officer Lee, (620) 986-5500.

Clinton Lee is a Natural Resource Officer I for the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.


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