Wednesday, January 06, 2010

California man receives scratches during mountain lion encounter

Santa Barbara Man Attacked by Mountain Lion

A Santa Barbara County man is recovering after being attacked by a mountain lion on San Marcos Pass.

The man lost his pet cat in the attack. He and his girlfriend were walking around their home near the intersection of Painted Cave and Old San Marcos Road when he says the mountain lion attacked them.

After killing his cat, the mountain lion tripped the victim and bit him in the arm. The 6'4" man was able to strike the mountain lion and it ran away.

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Update on Mountan Lion attack
updated: Jan 05, 2010, 7:45 PM

UPDATE ON MOUNTAIN LION from Wildland Residents Association

The victim of a recent attack was walking on the Fremont Trail on Sunday afternoon. A young Mountain Lion walked up behind him and grabbed his backpack that had sandwiches in it. During this contact he sustained some scratches on his arm. Since he was hiking with his house cat, the house cat ran away. He believed that the Mountain Lion ran after his cat and ate it, when in reality the house cat just ran away. The cat has since returned home some twenty hours after the incident.


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