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"Cougar Clippings" for 13 Jan 2010 from Mountain Lion Foundation

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles. For more frequent updates, visit and read the news daily.

** Refuge to Take Part in Mountain Lion Study **

Part of New Mexico's Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge will be used for studying mountain lions. While the state is saying their intentions are to better understand the cats and help protect wildlife, we have seen this tactic used in Arizona where lions were radio collared "for research" and then later tracked and killed for coming too close to bighorn sheep. Lions are seen as competition by trophy hunters who want to shoot bighorns. Just like Arizona, New Mexico currently allows lions to be killed to increase the bighorn herd. While scientific research on mountain lions is beneficial and could in fact be New Mexico's only intention, residents are wary that any results will be twisted into an excuse to kill more lions.

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** Mountain Lion Sedated, Relocated from Boulder's Uni Hill **

Aside from the mountain lion trophy hunting seasons they manage, Colorado's Division of Wildlife biologists appear to be interested in research and are treating lions humanely. When a young lion was found in a Boulder neighborhood earlier this week, DOW officials sedated, radio collared, and then released the cat to track him as part of their ongoing study.

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** Deputies Kill Mountain Lion in Yucaipa **

A southern California mountain lion who likely wandered out of the Crafton Hills was cornered in a Yucaipa backyard on Wednesday. The responding officer heard rumors that a wild animal had attacked some local pets and so he shot and killed the lion. Unfortunately, law enforcement and many Fish & Game officials continue to justify lethal action by saying they are protecting children from mountain lions. More people are killed by pet dogs, or killer bees, or even lightening each year than have ever been killed by mountain lions.

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