Monday, January 18, 2010

Finland: Lynxes seeking prey closer to human habitation

Lynxes Seeking Prey Closer to Human Habitation
published Sat 07:31 PM

The rapid rise in the lynx population in Finland, and the low hare population in Finnish forests are bringing lynxes closer to populated areas, to prey on city hares and pheasants. The predatory cats have been found in the Helsinki area and in the north of Savo.

Finland currently has an estimated 2,000 lynxes, which is about 400 more than a year earlier. The increase has come as a surprise to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which increased the number of hunting permits for lynx, from 220 to 340.

The hare population is currently at a low ebb, which drives particularly younger lynxes to look for easier food in areas populated by humans, where food is easier to come by.



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