Monday, January 18, 2010

Leopard killed in northern India

Leopard killed in J&K
18 Jan 2010, 1505 hrs IST, AGENCIES

The Jammu and Kashmir Police shot dead a leopard in the state's Pulwama region on Sunday (January 17), sparking outrage among wildlife activists.

The leopard had entered a village. Chased by panicking villagers, it ran and took shelter inside a cowshed. The villagers gathered around the cowshed soon after and called in the police.

A policeman fired from the cowshed window, killing the animal trapped inside. The leopard's body bore multiple bullet wounds.

Wildlife activists are appalled. They say the leopard could have been easily captured alive by the wildlife department and there was no reason for the hurry to fire at it.

The police said the villagers pressurised them to kill the animal. "The villagers were urging us to kill the animal as it would be dark soon. We had informed the wildlife department but they had to come from far," said Kifayat Haider, the SSP of Pulwama.

A leopard has been shot dead with 20 bullets in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. The police say they killed the leopard because villagers complained the animal had attacked them.

However, the villagers had no injuries as evidence of these attacks. The villagers chased the leopard who took refuge in a cowshed.

The police arrived here and opened fire on the animals. The police did not inform local officials in charge of Wildlife.


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