Saturday, January 30, 2010

Zimbabwe: Last lion believed to have been hunting humans is killed

The Herald
Published by the government of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: Last Rogue Lion Killed
29 January 2010


Harare — The remaining lioness from the pride of five that killed four villagers in Kanyemba, along Zimbabwe's border with Zambia and Mozambique, was killed on Tuesday.

National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers shot the lions after they wreaked havoc in Chief Chapoto's area forcing villagers to flee their homes to seek refuge at Chapoto Primary School.

The rangers killed four of the lions, two lionesses and two cubs, last week while the remaining one escaped wounded.

However, rangers tracked it down and killed it this week and villagers are starting to return to their homes.

National Parks spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo said: "Our team managed to track down the remaining lioness and shot it dead. We are glad to say that people have safely returned to their homes after the lion was killed and we hope the scenario will not repeat itself."

Parks investigations showed one of the felines was old and had missing teeth. The lion was also partially blind and opted for humans as easy prey. Ms Washaya-Moyo said one of the lionesses was teaching its cubs to hunt by attacking people.


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