Tuesday, February 09, 2010

British Columbia: Lynx seen near Olympic luge track

Lynx provides luge with animal magic

(AFP) – 14 hours ago

WHISTLER, Canada — After days fretting over snow and protesters, Winter Olympics officials were confronted with reports of a wild animal on the loose at the Whistler sliding centre here on Monday.

The beast was spotted as lugists trained at the venue's high-speed track with some believing it was a cougar before the intruder was identified as the smaller lynx, which is native to North America.

"We received a call that there was a wild animal sighting in the upper start area," said John Gibson, the venue press manager.

A local conservation officer was called to the site who decided there was no security threat and no need to stop the session.

"They determined it was most likely a lynx, and not a larger cat such as a cougar," said Gibson.

The Whistler Sliding Centre is no stranger to the small animal, which has been spotted prowling the perimeter of the track in the past.

Members of the track crew have even named the length of track between curves nine and 10 "Lynx" after seeing the creature in the area one summer.



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