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"Cougar Clippings" for 17 Feb 2010 from Mountain Lion Foundation

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles. For more frequent updates, visit and read the news daily.

** Baby Cougar Treated by Local Veterinarian **

A female mountain lion kitten was tranquilized yesterday morning in an Orange County, Calif campground. After being sedated the young cat was transported to an animal hospital and examined by local vet Kristi Krause. The cat appeared to be in great shape and was later released near the capture site in an area farther away from people. Wildlife experts believe the mother may still be in the area and will likely reunite with her kitten to continue to teach her valuable hunting skills. UC Davis mountain lion researcher Winston Vickers has radio collared twelve lions in the Santa Ana Mountains just south of LA and says someday this cat could potentially be part of his study.

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** Black Hills Cougar Season Ends **
Five mountain lions were shot and killed on Wednesday, bringing a close to this year's lion season in South Dakota. Due to increased demand from hunters last year and fears that the cats may be spreading into areas of the state where they are not wanted, the harvest quota for lions was increased. Compared to last year, there was more than a 50% increase in the number of lions killed this season. And with the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department traditionally assuming if the quota is met early then there must be plenty of lions, likely the limit will increase for next year's season as well. GF&P admits there may only be a couple hundred lions in the state and yet, they allowed forty to be killed in just the past two months.

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** Mountain Lion Nabs Coyote **
If you don’t have a coyote problem, perhaps you should be thanking a mountain lion. A US Department of Agriculture study found that coyotes are ten-times more likely than mountain lions to prey on sheep and goats. The presence of a mountain lion can often keep the canines away, and lions have been known to prey on coyotes from time to time, keeping their population under control. Frank Orecchio saw this first hand when through his window he spotted a mountain lion standing over a fresh coyote kill.

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