Sunday, February 21, 2010

India: Leopard beaten to death by villagers

Express News Service
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Posted: Sunday , Feb 21, 2010 at 0306 hrs

LUCKNOW: Angry villagers killed a female leopard that had strayed into Samri Ghatali village in Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary late on Friday night.

On Saturday morning, the forest department officials recovered the carcass of the two-and-a-half-year-old leopard in front of the cowshed in the village, around 600 meters away from the forest area in Murthia range.

The forest department officials have lodged an FIR against three residents of the village — Laxmi, Sukai and Kanhai — who are presently absconding.

The leopard had strayed into the cowshed in the village area late on Friday night in search of a prey. While in the first attempt, it was chased out of the village, it returned once again later in the night. This time, the three accused present in the cowshed beat the leopard till the time the animal died.

"The FIR was lodged today," said V P Shrivasata, Additional SP of Bahraich. According to the postmortem report, a senior forest department official, "While all its organs were intact, it had a severely damaged upper neck bone and the right rib was ruptured. Such injuries take place on being hit with a sharp object."

"At this age, when the leopard is separated from its mother, it is difficult for the leopard to hunt its prey. So, in search of an easy prey, it must have strayed into the village area," added the official.


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