Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mass. man kills rabid bobcat with softball bat

Husband bats bobcat for home run; 2009 deer kill keeps pace

By Frank Sousa
February 06, 2010, 5:01PM

More than 10,000 deer were hunted down in 2009.

Today is doubleheader day.

In the first game it was a hit that luckily made an out!

The second game is a preliminary report on the past deer season harvest.

Kelly Bassett was sitting in her Montgomery home at the stroke of midnight when “WHAM,” something hit their window.

Howard, their 19-pound dachshund with the heart of a lion charged the window, where it was greeted by a large bobcat snarling and scratching at him through the glass.

Kelly woke up her husband, Scott.

The bobcat commenced to attack Howard’s doggy bed on the porch, attack the garbage can, and then go to their car and chew on the tires.

She pressed the panic button on her key chain, setting off the car alarm, but it did not faze the wild animal.

Kelly called 911, while Scott grabbed a softball bat and ventured outside.

Meanwhile, Phil Camp, the town animal officer, who was driving a snowplow in a snowstorm, (small towns have many double-duty persons,) appeared on the scene.

As the two men located the cat by its various attacks on inanimate objects, it apparently got bored with trash cans, doggy beds and truck tires, it crouched and attacked them.

Scott, a former softball player, swung his wife’s bat (she still plays ball) and caught the animal in mid-air.

It was down and “You’re out!”

The animal went 33 pounds and was determined to be rabid by medical personnel.

Kelly expressed hope that the animal officer can carry a weapon while serving as a snow plow worker, even if it is a bat.

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