Sunday, February 21, 2010

Michigan: Bobcat spotted in Berrien County

Bobcat Spotted In Berrien County

Andrew Green Reporting

A bobcat was photographed in Saint Joseph recently. WSBT reported this week that a local resident snapped a night vision image of one of the wild cats near the Morrison channel, and Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment wildlife biologist Steve Chadwick tells us that it's not so surprising. Bobcats are by far the most common sort of wild cat known to live in Michigan:

Chadwick says bobcats have been seen as far south as Cass County:

He says you're more likely to see one at night:

There's not much to fear, since bobcats shy away from humans. As for hunting them...

Chadwick says that if you see a bobcat, the DNRE would like to know. Just check out the department's website at There's a form there where you can submit reports of sightings of animals like bobcats or cougars.


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