Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 leopards killed in 2 days in Goa, India

Goa wildlife under threat; 2 leopards killed in 2 days

Digital Goa News Service

Panaji, March 14 - With their habitats being destroyed by humans, wild animals are forced to enter human habitations leading to clashes between humans and wild animals in Goa. The incidents of last two days are glaring example of this phenomenon in which two leopards were killed in Goa while one person was seriously injured in an attack by leopard.

One Pandurang Tulaskar from Nadora, Bicholim was seriously injured when a leopard attached him in his cashew plantation early this morning. He was first admitted in Bicholim health centre and later shifted to Goa Medical College as he had sustained serious injuries.

In a separate incident, one leopard was found dead in an animal trap in the same area this morning. According to locals, leopard had been moving around their village for last few days killing dogs and chicken. He must have been the victim of trap laid by poachers for wide boar.

Two days back, one leopard was found dead near a railway track in Canacona close of Cotigao wildlife sanctuary. It was suspected that the wild cat was ran over by a moving train while he was crossing the track.

Laying of trap for wild animals has been common practice through out Goa. It has endangered the unsusceptible wild animals due to failure of Forest department to curb this practice. The trap was responsible for the death of tiger at Keri, Sattari last year. How many more deaths of precious wild animals will government need to initiate a drive against this practice? questions wildlife activist. It is a common knowledge that hundreds of wild boar and smaller wild animals are killed every month in Goa using these traps and explosives. Their meat finally end up on the tables of several prominent hotels as rare delicacies. If this trend continues, Goa's forest will be devoid of wildlife, said a wildlife activist.


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